Impossible Bottle Flip App Reviews

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This game is very very addicting even when I’m mad about it I can’t stop playing but there is too many ads and it’s really annoying

Too many ads

Pretty fun game but there’s way too many ads we literally like every one game there’s 2 ads


I’m leaving 0 stars because the amount of ads your games have are absolutely ridiculous, takes all the fun out of the game when you spend 15 minutes watching ads. You would probably get more users if you would fix your problems. Thanks. Your games are terrible and should be taken off the App Store. Learn creativity and present day enjoyment.

Why is this happening!!!😫😫

Ok, look. I don't usually write reviews but this app has something that makes me so 😡. Sometimes I start it and then the cup just loops and I can't play it for like another hour!!! I've had to delete the app multiple times because of this!!! I love your app but if you don't fix this I will tell all my friends to delete this trash!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😡👎👎👎



Its fun but

Its fun but there are far too many ads to enjoy the game.


Way to many ads! Like bro. How much money do you need?? I think your fine!! Im going to delete this app cause its so unfair. I DONT recommend it to anyone.

Cool but hard game

Not bad I only played for reward but I may keep it and play it


Way too many ads but it’s a very hard game

Waaaaaay to many ADDS

Every time i have 4 turns a game add shows up and i already have that game

Too many bugs

Awesome idea, poorly executed

Awesome Idea

I think that this game is awesome and entertaining but I think there should be even more levels for example... If I was playing the game and I was all done with all the levels it would probably be boring to do all of the levels again. Anyways it's a pretty good game. And sometimes if one of the levels is really hard it gets really frustrating. But again it's a pretty good game!😀 By: Campbell Decoste

Bottle flip

This game is hard but it’s also addictive I assure you to never play at school or work it will keep you up all the time


Dont like it

Awesome 😎

It’s fun you may think 🤔 it is impossible but it is not if you get mad 😡 breathe and then do it again and again in till you get it right

Bottle flip

The app is alright it is just very slow!!


This game is just dumb

Terrible game 👎🏼

Honestly a trash game and a huge waste of time and space on your device.

It is Ok

I love this game but it has to many ads!It makes me forget how I was doing it!I also don’t like(in my opinion)that the shreds break

This is a fun game 📱

I love this game is is so fun and impossible but the game is called impossible bottle flip but I gave it a 4 star because there is not a lot of bottles to unlock so I was thanking you guys can have more bottles I would give you a 5 but this game is still very fun🧚🏼‍♂️ Izzy fizzy.E.Z


Ok so over all when you first start you think “this is gonna be fun” ok so, let’s get one thing straight, it CAN be fun when you get bored at like a house party and you’re the odd one out, but it will make you confused and frustrated. The levels don’t completely make sense to me. There’s this one level where you just do one jump and boom you win..? I was confused and annoyed.


This game is annoying after every 5 or 6 tries an add would pop up and it makes no’s sense how there a table and u can’t land on it. Very stressful I wouldn’t advise playing it.

Bottle flipping

I beat all the levels


This game was so bad I didn’t even have this game for an hour it buffered so bad it effected my phone


You get one star for the game itself which is fun but I’m deducting 4 for your cancerous adds..


Your game is amazing!! The way that your game works is great!! I love how you turned bottle flipping into a game!! The game can be challenging. The trick is to time your jump right. I learned that after a while. In conclusion, your game is AMAZING ,difficult but amazing, overall I ❤️ your game!!!! Thanks a lot, K-Dog525

Maybe it’s just me but..

the ad for this game was WAAAY different than the actual game! the ad was easy and fun and when i downloaded the game i expected the same thing. nope! it was super hard and a waste of my time. i’ve experienced this with one of your other games as well.

GAME REVIEW!!!!!!!!!

The game is uncreative, a game like this would be more than just timed tapping. Also, the number of glitches in this game can make it unplayable at all . The ads pop up after every third or fourth try, and if you try to play without internet connection, the lack of ads showing up glitches the game even more. Knowing how games with ads generate revenue, the creators sure know how to squeeze every last cent out of their users!!

It’s ok?

I love the game don’t get me wrong.But I always have to keep watching adds because I can’t do them🤣.(That is just my personal opinion)

What’s up with the ads

So do all the games now just come so completely filled with ads you can’t even play them???? Here pay $5 for a game a 5 year old could have programmed.....frig that


This is the game I just got and I love it

Don’t download it’s a waste of data terrible worst

No just don’t download

Too many ads!!!!😓

After I lose a round, there is an ad!!! After I win a round, there is an ad!! When I try to play there is always an ad!! When I get off leaderboards there is an ad!!! There are too many ads!!! But I do love the game!!! It is fun and entertaining and challenging!!!!! I love it!! I recommend it!!! But I HATE ALL OFF THE ADS!!!!!!!😡🤬

Nice try with your ads

Your ads are annoying right? Well guess what there no match for me haha!! So what I do is turn off my internet and boom no ads! Everybody who reads this feel free to do it because ads are no fun and it’s a waste of time to users who play. SO REMOVE ADS BECAUSE NOBODY WONT DOWNLOAD THEM

Boring and to many ads

It's just clicking and boring and too many ads after three tries and that made me delete it on the first day I got it

Ads and difficulty

I have only had this game for a couple days, but I love it. You really have to try hard to get to the finish line, but I’m having some difficulties reaching it. Sometimes when I press the screen to make the bottle jump it does not do anything and its very frustrating. There is so many ads sometimes an ad pops up in the middle of my game or when I’m simply trying to pick a level. I have found a way to get no ads but still play the game... JUST TURN OFF WIFI, it really does work but then if you get bored of that game and go to a different game that needs WIFI I always forget to turn my WIFI back on. Also when you get ads on this game the exit X’s are so small that you end up pressing the ad instead which gets frustrating. All and all its a very fun game even with its flaws, y’all should try it out

My review to this wonderful company

This is a wonderful game I have some issues but I would never want to delete this game it boosts my mood I love this game sooooooooooooooooooooooo much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤙🏼

Sorry but to many ads

There are so many ads that come while I’m doing a challenge it’s so annoying

Fun but has Promblems

My game let me get to level 3 then it got to hard so I clicked the “Skip Level by watching 2 ads” button. I watched to ads the. In the fourth one I failed once then the button changed to “Skip Level” I got curious why it didn’t say watch two ads. Then on the 5th level I tried once and it did it again. The problem was that it only let me play the levels once then forced me to skip the level without the ads. I found that it made the game a lot less enjoyable because I love challenges. I also looked at other reviews and no one else mentioned that so I don’t know if I’m the only person. Don’t let this review hold you back on downloading it. The game overall is developed badly but the main idea of it is okay.

Way too much ads

Look, the game itself is fun. But the ads ruin all the fun, there’s just too much for the game to be fun and it’s just annoying. I would give it 1 star but like I said the game itself is fun so it gets 2 stars.


This game is stupid buts fun

In my opinion the game is the worst 😒😒😒

I am not being rude but to me this game is the worst because when you first download this game it lets you skip the level you can’t get passed by the way I got the game yesterday anyway after that it says watch 2ads to skip level now if you were me you would think why should I watch 2ads if you just want to play the game😒??????

Too many ads and the physics.

I like the game, but the PHYSICS! They anger me. When I watch ads of this game, it looks easy, but it isn’t. Also, the ads. Too many of them! 😐😐😐I hate ads! Please do something!

Bottle flip

I love this game because I can play it all day and this game is impossible but it is my game my favorite game of all time!!😋😋😛


I love this game it’s really fun to play when free time and can you put less adds

Too many ads

I like the game but if it’s gonna have to many ads I’ll never have it again

Needs work

I like the game, but there is to many ads. I did the test try on the ad, and I did good. Now that I actually have it, I'm not as good.

Great game!!!

SO MUCH FUN REALLY ADDICTING. btw you if you turn off wifi and cellular data you don’t have to watch the ads. Took me a long time to figure that out

Bottle Flip

I love this game!! But sometimes it’s pretty challenging and sometimes it can be easier. But most of all it’s really fun to play!

Bad game

No matter what u do u can’t change where it lands so there’s no point in playing. There is also WAY too many ads

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