Impossible Bottle Flip App Reviews

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Ads and gameplay overall.

I’ve been playing this game for about 4 weeks. I got bored before the first week started. Not only the constant ads and repetitive gameplay of every single other game on the App Store. Win a level go to the next, get some in game currency to buy something useless that only boosts your appearance. Whenever tried to listen to music on this game it would stop because the ads would play constantly, then I would have to go to the music app and press play. Maybe instead of taking time putting ads after every attempt at a level you could spend more time focusing on better gameplay. I’m sure you won’t fix it ever but hey maybe you will see this and decide to fix the problems literally everyone complains about (including me of course). Besides that the game will be fun until it gets repetitive and oh decide to get another game which has the same basic concept of this one, because that’s how these games succeed.

Great job

Hi it’s Bella I’m wanna the student that was playing the game great job.


This is terrible

Way too many adds.

It says a lot about a game 😡that forces adds after two rounds of play. Deleted game. Way too many adds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Horrible gameplay. Would like to give it a 0 star but i can’t. Also you can cheat if you turn off the wifi then die in a level.

Wayyy to many ads

There are ads like every two try’s to the point where you can’t enjoy the game.

It’s hard

It is really fun and it teaches you skill and strategy. But some of them are a little too challenging. But over all is is extremely well designed.👍😉🙂

Ads and levels.

To many ads. Can’t get passed level 2. I’m mostly watching ads than playing the game.

To many ads

There are a lot of ads and when you play with no internet the bottle doesn’t flip on slanted surfaces I don’t have much to say that’s pretty much it

Too hard.

I say that “Impossible Bottle Flip” really lives up to its name. On the first level, you flip one of these bottles onto a lamp. Easy, right? SUPRISE! The bottle falls off the lamp and you lose. No explanation, no tutorial, no hints, nothing. The developers should put in something to help the user. This also does not work for children because it’s so hard. This also doesn’t work for adults, either. It’s not the best idea. Third of all, ads. Just ads. Ads that have destroyed my motivation to even have this app on the home screen. The developers have some heavy work to do.

Best game ever!

This game is really fun and challenging for me witch is really fun maybe you can make the same game put multiplayer. Thank you for making this game.

Impossible water flip

Best game ever! Really challenges your brain


Love the game, plenty challenging enough to be entertaining, but WAY too many ads. If you fail 2-3 times there’s an ad. With a fast addicting game like this that’s too many.


Fun game.

It is Great but ads

The game is great but every other try I get an ad and it is normally the same ad as last time could you try to show less ads?Other than that I love you game with all the challenges in it and how it teases you brain into thinking about when to make to bottle flip

Too many adds and too difficult

There are way too many adds. On top of that, the game is way to difficult that’s it

To many adds and the same one every time

It was my first time playing it and the same add apear every time and it was anoying i like the game but they need to solve this problem


I hate the game it’s boring and lame 😒

Horrible ness

It is so hard to control and I could barley do anything don’t get this game

Not good

It’s a piece of trash


Talk about a difficult patience testing game glitches!!!!



Too easy to cheat, too many ads

This is an entertaining and challenging app, but the ads make me really hate the app. Of course, airplane mode is great. But, a cheat I have found allows you to skip every single level without watching any advertisement. First, turn off wifi and data, then tap the ‘Watch two videos to skip level’ button. After that, restart the app completely. Then you come to find that you have infinite skips. As long as you keep wifi and data off, this works. And you can do this infinite times. 💓💓💓 good luck 🤠😛😙

Xd diarrhea

Best game ever

Little hard

It is a little hard


It would be a good game, if it was fixed up. I’m constantly bothered with the same ads every four to five attempts. And it constantly glitches so that it freezes and i have to exit and re-enter the game. Kind of dissapointing, it would really be a good and entertaining game if it weren’t for these annouing problems.☹️

Fun, but one too many ads

I love this game so much! It’s very addicting to try to get through the different levels, and I love how there’s even a basement to explore; But almost every single time I die, I get an ad. And it’s the EXACT same ad every time. At least give us a little more variety on the ads! I also love how we can get gems and unlock different bottles to go through the levels with! I just want to be able to spend more time on the game than watching ads.

Fun but adds are excessive

Fun game but the adds are every three tries at a level it is stupid therefore I give the app a 1 star get rid of the adds it’s awful

Worst Game Ever

This game is absolute luck and to get the hang of a level, you need to do it over and over. But, every three tries you have to watch the same 30 second ad. It is so annoying and ridiculously stupid how 99% of your playing time is watching the number color and smule ads. I have never seen a game that required so many tries to complete a level that made you watch a thirty second ad EVERY 20 SECONDS

It ok

Um I like the game and I know it is called “impossible bottle flip” but it is really hard but other than that it is really good

Remove adds

This game would be a lot more fun if it wasn’t for the adds popping up every four deaths

It’s fun but annoying

It’s fun but there is so many ads and the same ones over and over again, it gets a bit annoying and makes me dislike the game a bit more and more plz change that one little thing and it’ll be a really good game! ☺️

Having Fun

It has been a little tricky but very fun.

What the heck happened!

This was a good and cool trend then Tasty pill ( sounds like a overdose) made this piece of crap ad filled from the Pitts of hell this game is a garbage!


This game is absolutely horrible and it’s not entertaining in any way 0/5


Very hard but fun at the same time


Controls are not well explained. I tried for an hour to figure out how to control the bottle and nothing worked. Needs better tutorial.

Could be better

The game has waaaay to many ads and it to hard and frustrating I mean they tried to warn me in the title but it needs to be a little easier


IF THIS IS FOR A YOUNG CHILD, buy the NO AD version!!! Not only are the violent 30 second ads playing every 4th turn, but they’re NOT age appropriate apps at all!!This bottle flip game is for ages 4+, but 9 out of 10 ads are for apps that are for ages 12+. They show characters being shot, blown up, the “player” chains several of the characters up and then rips them from limb to limb, beats them bloody with a hammer, stabs them with a knife or various instruments and chops them up while blood splatters, grates them with a cheese grater, their heads get chopped off, set on fire, cooked alive, chopped up with a weed whacker, sent through various degrees of violent torture, dismemberment and bloody death. Not to mention a couple of the ads are for apps that allow to you actually gamble with real money. This app has been reported. DONT let your young child play this unless you pay for it!

Great game

Addictive asf

Bad, but.....

I understand why you made this game, at the time bottle flipping was popular so you wanted to benefit from it, okay, but how you made it, literally made it impossible. I couldn’t get past the first level, you have to get it perfect EVERYTIME, no mercy. Also too many ads.


I love this game but there are too many ads and it glitches up. I don’t know if that is just my phone or it is the app. All in All I’d probably give this a 3 or 4 rating.

Fix your game

Fix your game this is trash you can’t even beat one level fix your game

Fun game

This is a fun game but there is too many ads


Good game, but too many adds!!


It’s kinda challenging so it’s good!

Don’t bother

First level does not give instruction. I thought the game kept freezing so uninstalled it and then read the reviews and seems like the creators of the game thought people would just know what to do, unfortunately I wasn’t one of those people.

Waaaay too many ads

OK this is unbelievable there are like 20 ads every two seconds this needs to stop OK. This would be a great game if there weren’t so many ads


The physics in this game are horrible and after I hit the retry button the game either freezes if crashes do not waste your time and memory with this game


Level one isn’t easy at all too many ads

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